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Gillian Nicol University of British Columbia, School of Regional and Community Planning

Gillian Nicol is a fourth generation Vancouverite, born on Coast Salish Territory. Her parents are Bruce and Mary Ellen Nicol born in Oklar, Wisconsin and Vancouver, BC, respectively. Her ancestors are from the Isle of Skye, Scotland and Newport, Wales. Although she is not First Nation, her family made its journey to British Columbia; this is her home.

A plethora of reasons come to mind when Gillian conveys to people why she is studying Indigenous Community Planning at UBC. However, the first step she wants to address, learn and understand is how the lands worked before colonization. It is important to know this in order to help educate and decolonize people’s ways of thinking. Knowing what came before our current ways of thinking will only able non-aboriginal and aboriginal people to successfully walk together into the future and build trust and respect with one another. Gillian hopes to work for either for a Band, Nation, not for profit, or consulting company that addresses these themes in the future.


Plenary Poster Presentations

Tuesday, February 16, 2016.   1:30-1:40

Additional Speakers