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Jacob Larsen Planner, City of Yellowknife

As a professional Planner and academic researcher, Jacob is focused on better understanding and leveraging the links between transportation systems, people’s attitudes, and public health outcomes. His areas of specialization include active transport (walking and cycling), human factors in road safety, and community-based action research.


He has worked as a Community Organizer in Montreal’s St-Henri neighbourhood and at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. He is happy to call the Northwest Territories home, where he works as a Planner with the City of Yellowknife. There, he has led several major consultation projects and is project lead on the development of zoning regulations for small residential dwellings, or “tiny homes”.

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Break-out Session 3: Community - Planning for sustainable northern living (streets, houses and food)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016.   11:00-12:30

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