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Tomasz Wlodarczyk National Manager of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, SLR Consulting, B.SC., M.E.S

Tomasz Wlodarczyk, B.SC., M.E.S, is the National Manager of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment at SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd., having over 28 years of experience, providing expertise in a number of areas including:  strategic planning; policy research, analysis and development; environmental and socio-economic impact assessment; strategic environmental assessment, and program evaluation. 

He has participated in the preparation and review of numerous environmental assessments in Canada’s north.  He is an expert regarding cumulative effects assessment (CEA) theory, methods and application, having completed several CEAs over the past few decades.

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Break-out Session 1: The Future - New Plans for the New North Economy

Tuesday, February 16, 2016.   11:00 - 12:30           


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