Wednesday, February 17

 11:00am - 12:30pm

Tiny Homes, Big Issues

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Recent years have witnessed increasing interest simpler and smaller dwelling options that reduce the environmental and financial cost of home ownership, often encompassed under the term, “Tiny Homes”. In order to provide a regulatory framework to allow these types of dwellings within municipal boundaries while maintaining standards of quality habitation, various issues must first be addressed. They include but are not limited to zoning codes, building codes, community participation, utility servicing and options around tenure.

In response to this growing interest in tiny homes, The City of Yellowknife is exploring these issues in order to enable various types of small, affordable homes. This presentation will provide an overview of these issues, the lessons learned to date, and describe the status of this evolving planning issue in the capital of the Northwest Territories. This presentation is an opportunity to share learning, and discuss how this type of housing may be integrated into the planning regime of Northern municipalities.