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The first full day of the conference + evening gala.

9:30am – 10:30am

Keynote Address with Speaker Laurence Smith: "The New North"

In this all encompassing talk, accompanied by stunning photographs and graphics, Laurence Smith presents a balanced, politically neutral based projection of what the world might look like in ten years' time, should current global trends in (1) population demographics, (2) resource demand, (3) economic globalization, and (4) climate change continue their current trajectories. The first part of the talk ("The Push") identifies key global pressures and trends, for example in urbanization, population aging, energy technology, water supply, immigration, and the rising economies of China, India and the developing world. The second part ("The Pull") describes the emergence of a new geographic region, which he coins the "Northern Rim", comprised of Canada, the northern United States, Greenland/Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Federation (called the Northern Rim Countries or NORCs). These eight northern countries and their surrounding seas will experience profound transformation over the next 10 years, making the Northern Rim a place of rising human activity and global strategic value relative to today. A fascinating, cross-disciplinary talk, Smith gives audiences a glimpse into the future, and describes the world that we will leave to our children and grandchildren. One that is wholly different from the world we know today.

KDCC – Longhouse
Laurence Smith
11:00am – 12:30pm

Break-out Session 1

There are 5 concurrent sessions:

  • Governance – The Planning Context
  • Planning for Change – Values Protected Areas
  • The Future – New Plans for the New North Economy
  • Planning Methods – Decision Making – Theory, Practice and Balance
  • Community – First Nation Community Led Planning

More details are found here.


KDCC - Throughout
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Break-out Session 2

There are 4 concurrent sessions:

  • Governance – The Planning Context: Environmental Assessment
  • Planning for Change – Values Cultural/Heritage
  • Planning Methods – Engaging and Building Trust
  • Community – Planners from Labrador, Nunavut & NWT

More details are found here.

KDCC - Throughout

Live Entertainment

Featuring Yukon Talent:

Kevin Barr & Ed Peekakoot
The Dakhka Khwaan Dancers


Welcome Address

By the Yukon Land Use Planning Council


Lunch & Book Signing

Lunch provided & book signing opportunity with Keynote Speaker, Laurence Smith.

KDCC – Foyer

Plenary Poster Presentations

Posters will be posted at one end of the foyer of the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre throughout most of the conference Tuesday - Wednesday.

There will be lightning presentations of the following posters on Tuesday at 1:30:


Augmenting the utility of IBAs for Northern Aboriginal Communities
Ben Bradshaw - Associate Professor, University of Guelph

Urban Planning as Social Policy –The Importance of Geo designin the North                      
Andrijana Djokic - Graduate Student, York University, Masters of Environmental Studies

Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals: Phase 2
Pascale Groulx - Strategic Relations & Reporting Manager, Government of Canada, Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Program

Protected areas in the Northwest Territories and Yukon
Claudia Haas - Government of the NorthwestTerritories, Environment and Natural Resources

Assessing what matters: Attending to Yukon First Nation concepts of health and wellbeing in the assessment of extractive resource projects
Jen Jones & Yukon First Nation Health & Social Development Commission

Food Security and Local Food Production
William Klassen - SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd

Planning for Climate Change in Nunavut: Lessons from Upagiaqtavut
Michelle Marteleira - University of British Columbia, School of Community and Regional Planning

Indigenous Community Planning Specialization
Gillian Nicol - University of British Columbia, School of Regional and Community Planning

Community based land use planning in the Far North of Ontario
Grant Ritchie - Director, Far North Branch, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry






Plenary Panel Presentation & Discussion

What do we Need to Know to Plan in the North

The north has a history & a future - This session will examine some of what planners and decision makers need to know to create meaningful northern plans.


Ian Robertson, Principal & Senior Planner, Inukshuk Planning & Development
Back to the Future: The Evolution of Regional Planning in Canada's North

Laura Cabott, Lawyer, Cabott & Cabott & Wilbur Smarch, Land & Resource Use Planner, Teslin Tlingit Council
The Residential School Legacy: What Planners Need to Know

Scott Slocombe, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Wilfred Laurier University
From Regional Planning to Governance: Creative Connections for Goal-Seeking & Decision Making

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