Food Security and Local Food Production

Tuesday, February 16, 2016. 1:30-1:40 Poster Presentations

Food Security and Local Food Production
Agriculture has been practiced in the Yukon since the Klondike Gold Rush. Since that time many Yukoners have continued to grow at least some of their own food in addition to harvesting food from the wild. In the past couple of decades there has been an increase in the amount of arable land being put into agricultural production to provide fresh produce, root vegetables, and white and red meat to Yukon consumers.
A large percentage of the food Yukoners eat is still imported. However, an increasing portion is being produced on Yukon farms. Some of the larger operations are providing consistently high quality Yukon-grown food to the market through Yukon grocery stores. “Farm gate” sales are increasing. Smaller operators and hobby farmers now have the option, in Whitehorse, of selling their surplus production through Farmer Robert’s, a recently opened outlet.
The Yukon Government is in the process of finalizing a “Local Food Strategy” focused on “Encouraging the Production and Consumption of Yukon-Grown Food 2015 – 2020.” The draft strategy engagement document suggests “Providing fresh, healthy, affordable and local food for all Yukoners is integral to maintaining healthy communities and individuals. Establishing a strong local food supply and distribution chain is an effective way to increase the availability of local foods and involve Yukon people in growing and marketing Yukon-grown food and products.”
This presentation will address the value and importance of increasing local food production through relatively small agricultural operations.

William Klassen