Protected areas in the Northwest Territories and Yukon

Tuesday, Febuary 16, 1:40 - 2:00 Poster Presentations

As part of national and international reporting requirements, the territories reports to a national database on protected areas. This database called the Conservation Areas Reporting and Tracking System (CARTS) is managed by the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) and is the authoritative source of protected areas in Canada. Each jurisdiction provides their standardized data based on the guidance provided by the CCEA to help interpret and apply in a Canadian context the international standards for protected areas categories and management provided by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). This poster will showcase the CARTS information for the northern territories while also providing information on the ongoing and next steps in protected areas planning for the territories.


Darin Bagshaw Government of the Northwest Territories, Protected Area Strategy, MREM

Jean Langlois MBA- Manager, Park Planning, Yukon Government, Department of Environment, M.Sc.

Jessica Elliot Planner, Yukon Parks

Noni Paulett GIS Support


Claudia Haas