Tuesday, February 16

 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Cultural landscapes and traditional foods: Considering the multiple dimensions of food systems in planning and design.

Tuesday, February 16, 3:30 - 4:00 Planning for Change – Values Cultural/Heritage

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According to the Florence Declaration on Heritage and Landscape as Human Values (2014), cultural heritage and landscape are fundamental for community identity and should be preserved through traditional practices and knowledge that also guarantees that biodiversity is safeguarded. The term Cultural Landscape describes the relationship Indigenous peoples have with the land and spiritual environment.  It represents and embodies traditional knowledge of places, land use and ecology. This presentation will consider these linkages through the lens of indigenous food systems and traditional foods that express the deep ties between land and culture.

This presentation will explore how we might include cultural and heritage values in a way that considers indigenous food systems in conservation planning processes in the north and other jurisdictions. Outcomes of the presentation will be to have an increased understanding of how practically traditional ecological knowledge and conservation science can work together to ensure that conservation goals can support enhanced food security in northern regions.

Additional Speaker: Douglas Neasloss

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