Tuesday, February 16

 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Guiding Change, Protecting What Matters: Community- Based Planning and Impact Assessment for a Western James Bay All-Season Road

Mushkegowuk Tribal Council is currently proposing an all-season road to connect five remote communities along the western coast of James Bay to each other and to the Ontario highway network.  The Council is undertaking a careful and community-based planning and impact assessment process, along with conventional engineering feasibility studies.  A key element of the project is a strong emphasis on community dialogue and planning for maintaining and enhancing all aspects of community well-being while looking at options to connect communities to the rest of Ontario. The project also focuses on identifying community values that must be considered in going forward with the proposed all-season road. In particular, this presentation will focus on the approach, methodology, results, and lessons learned from a process that works to collaboratively develop community well-being indicators. These indicators will eventually fulfill the requirements of a socioeconomic impact assessment as part of a future federal environmental assessment. The speakers will share their approach and results to date, and welcome the opportunity to share experiences with others across the North on this topic.

Co-speakers: Jonathon Solomon – Mushkegowuk Council Grand Chief,

Ryan Small, MMP – Director of Technical Services, Mushkegowuk Council,

Rachel Speiran, M.A. – Community Development Specialist, Shared Value Solutions