The Conservation Economy Potential in Canada’s North – an Exploratory Panel Discussion

9:00am-12:00pm 18 Thursday

It is envisioned that a Conservation Economy strives to support vibrant, sustainable, healthy communities through promoting the economic potential inherent in indigenous ways of life.

It can also support a variety of recreational opportunities and may champion the continued subsistence activities of local residents. The development of such an economy takes time and commitment, but once established can persist over the long-term. A Conservation Economy is meant to be complementary with other economic interests, as part of a larger array of regional economic potential.

This panel discussion will explore the practical experiences and theoretical perspectives behind creating a Conservation Economy and how that may be integrated within a broader land use planning and protected areas planning regime in the North. The concept has yet to be clearly defined in a Northern context; therefore, session participants will be engaged in a dialog intended to envision a Northern Conservation Economy, by exploring best practice examples from other jurisdictions focusing on their key objectives, principles,  economic opportunities,  and the collaborative interdisciplinary approaches used to meet objectives. Examples of what has worked (and not worked) in other jurisdictions will be introduced and how they can be best adapted and applied in the North will be the topic of discussion.

Speakers include a panel of Northern and National practitioners and researchers working in the field of Conservation Planning, Protected Areas, Community Development  and Tourism.

Note: Pre-registration required.


KDCC Artist Studio
Iain Davidson-Hunt (and others)
Eventbrite - Northern Planning Conference 2016