Douglas Neasloss Resource Stewardship Director, Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative (BC)

Doug has been instrumental in numerous aspects of the Coastal First Nations Great bear Initiative in the Kitasoo area. This initiative has increased the capacity and support of First Nations sustainable economic development, ecosystem health and human well-being. Doug has been influential to the successful development of a Conservation Based Economy rooted in First Nations Values. Namely he has been involved with:

  • Successful ecotourism operation for 13 years that reached a 1 million dollar revenue and employees 45 people
  • An ecosystem-based management plan of the conservancy that ensures 70 % of old growth forests are preserved, and the ecological and food resources are protected in the region
  • Scientific Research and Policy development to preserve the Spirit Bear Habitat
  • Watchmen Monitoring program
  • Youth on the Land Stewardship Programming
  • Economic Development Opportunities for First Nations
  • Negotiating a Management Framework for Shared Decision making

The Conservation Economy Potential in Canada’s North

Thursday, February 18, 2016. 9:00-12:00